What are math competitions

Math contests are competitive  events which allow students to practice math skills and  get involved with math in  fun, engaging and challenging way. During a contest, students sit a mathematics test. In Canada, students are fortunate to have quite a number of opportunities to compete mathematically.

Why? Top 3 reasons why you should participate in math competitions

Math Contests help develop imaginative and critical thinking skills as well as logical reasoning which are valuable beyond the math classroom. Similar to skills such as adding or subtraction, problem-solving is a skill which needs to be practiced often in order to achieve success. Competitions provide opportunities to hone your skills. Demonstrate that you have sufficient mathematical knowledge to enter some university programs. Give your academic resume a boost. Participation in mathematical contests can make your university application stand out. They can be enjoyable! Contests and competitions provide you with a chance to meet up with peers with the same interest. There is a certain level of excitement in a competitive environment where grades and exams are not the focus.

How we can help

If you are interested in participating in a contest, we can help you prepare. Please call today to book a consultation.

Competitions and Dates

Tentative contest dates for year 2019/2020:

  • Canadian Computing Competition – February 12
  • Pascal Contest (Grade 9) – February 25
  • Cayley Contest (Grade 10) – February 25
  • Fermat Contest (Grade 11) – February 25
  • Canadian Team Mathematics Contest
    April 6, 2020 (at uWaterloo)
    April 7, 2020 (in schools)
  • Euclid Contest –  April 7
  • Fryer Contest (Grade 9) –  April 15
  • Galois Contest (Grade 10) – April 15
  • Hypatia Contest (Grade 11) – April 15
  • Gauss Contest (Grade 7 and 8) – May 13